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This is serious random business.

Marinated by gtcollinz

Put the random fun inside your bone marrow.
adult, adult swim, aesop rock, afghanimation, all butts, amish armada, anything, assisted living dracula, balsa wood, battle beasts, battle toads, beardcore, beyond re-animator, biology, bionic commando, black market organs, black squirrels, blades of steel, boob slides, boredoms, boston, bread sex, breakfast whistle, butter sharks, c-walking, canoes, captain beefheart, cardboard shirts, cibo matto, cornelius, coupons, crayon wars, crocodile mile, cupcakes, david cross, death by chocolate, devo, dirk, dorkwave, dronology, elbow wrestling, endless tortilla chips, estradasphere, everything, experimental music, fake metal, falling down the stairs, falling out of chairs, fantomas, faxed head, finding things, forgetting my name, frank zappa, free pie, freestyle eating, fridge humping, gluey porch treatments, granola action figures, greg the hammer valentine, ham statues, hamster style, hartford whalers, hatebeak, hemophiliac, hiding things, horse sweaters, john zorn, kids in the hall, kool keith, learning spanish, longmont potion castle, madlib, magma, magnets, mayonnaise fights, melt banana, mf doom, michel gondry, mike patton, mr. bungle, mxc, nope, not dogs, nougat, nwh, oats, old crow, one more time, opening mail, orange cardboard holiday, orange pants, oxes, pancake heaven, paul mooney, pirates of the sea, plant porn, puerto rican ghosts, puppetry, push button objects, quasimoto, radiation, random, random fun, random hair, random numbers, random people, random photos, random things, red things, robots, rope, round things, ruins, secret cheifs 3, secret chimps, selenium, selling counterfit jeans, serge gainsbourg, shonen knife, shuffle, sleeping in parks, sleepytime gorilla museum, slow motion, snk baseball stars, songs about food, soul junk, tapeworm fights, thanks, the advantage, the dead milkmen, the drake equation, the onion, the phage, the residents, the state, tires, trigger happy tv, trucks with hats, tv funhouse, tzadik, upright citizens brigade, validating the bald object, waffle house jukebox songs, wally pleasant, wax, wet hot american summer, whfr, wolfbait, zimbabwe, zubi zuva